Symbol and footprint for Unictron's TELA antennas

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Hi! This is my first participation on the forum. My apologies for any mistake.

I’m creating the symbol and footprint of Unictron’s AA088 TELA chip antenna ( The problem is that pin 1 of the TELA chip antenna family is both connected to the feed point and ground, causing a short circuit. This is done on purpose. The idea is to form a loop around the antenna so that the ambient ground can be used to increase the radiation area, and therefore, the electrical performance of the antenna ( However, this will create problems for the DRC, right?! Is there a way to create these footprint and symbol so as to avoid problems with the DRC?

For the symbol, I just indicated the connection to ground, as I think I cannot create a duplicate pin.

The footprint is as below (drawn with the aid of the Custom Shape Primitives). I did not draw the grounding pin and the feed point (signal input) by extending pin 1 to the border of the keep out zone. I don’t know how to deal with this short circuit.

Looking over the datasheet, I think you might want to look at how the net-tie footprints are built, and use that methodology to build pin 1 like that. You can put letters in pin numbers, so maybe call the two halves 1S and 1G for 1-Signal and 1-Ground.

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