Symbol and footprint editors

Something I noticed a while ago: when copying one symbol from an existing one, the symbol editor pops up a panel to set a name and move to some library. However, the panel always starts at the root of the libraries. Couldn’t it be setup to the last used save location? I mean: is there a setting / preference panel to configure that way?

AFAIK there’s no setting for that. Nor should there be need for that if the dialog would be designed to be a bit better.

How exactly do you do that, step by step? For me they don’t start at the root of the libraries but in the current library (the library from which the symbol is copied). It works this way with library list context menu -> Save As. I can also Copy / Paste directly to some library without the dialog.

In 5.99 it’s possible to pin libraries in the library editors, i.e. keep them always at the top of the list. This would make working with often used libraries easier, but the Save dialog doesn’t use pinning. There’s an issue report on that.

Another way to make the dialog more efficient would be to have an editable combo box having last used locations instead of the “filter” text area. In any case adding new user configurable settings should be avoided if the behavior can otherwise be improved.


  • Open one of my libraries. I set names with underscores so that they are all displayed at the same place…
  • Chose one symbol. For example, I have a few JTAG plugs for MSP430, STLink, FPGA’s USB blaster, etc. I have selected _JTAG:JT430
  • Save as: I’m asked to set a name, and to choose the library. At this point, one random library is selected, possibly the one I last used, although I don’t remember having used it recently. It’s “Connector_Generic”. But if I want to save as something, there is a high chance that it’s a similar component, so I would expect it to be saved inside of _JTAG in this case, not in a random library.

Other solution: instead of “save as”, I can choose “duplicate”. Indeed, it saves the duplicate in the same library, but it has already given a name, the original extended with _copy. But the right-click menu doesn’t allow to rename, so I’m stuck with “save as” + browsing all the menus to where I copied from.

By the way, I’m using 5.1.9 right now since it’s for real work. OS = Ubuntu 20.04.


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