Switch Button Footprint Error in PCB

Hello everyone.
In one circuit I inserted a button switch with the intention of cutting off the power. Both positive voltage and ground. When I try to get the pcb, I get two errors. They tell me two pitches are missing.
I’m going crazy I can’t figure out where the mistake is. Obviously I am a beginner.

Any idea?
Thank in advance

The schematic symbol for the switch you have used has for pins: 1, 2, 3 and 4.
It has however a footprint assigned that only has two pins, and pin numbers 3 and 4 do not exist in the footprint.

In KiCad, any schematic symbol can be combined with any footprint, and the pin mapping is done with the pin numbers. The user is responsible for verifying that the schematic symbol and footprint are compatible with each other.

Unfortunately, SW_Push_Dual is a trap for the unwary. I looked everywhere, and I couldn’t find any actual component that has a 2 pole, push to make action, that would also be PCB mountable. There are probably panel switches like that.

So on this case, I would start with identifying a real switch, then it’s footprint, and then a matching symbol.

Cue discussion about atomic vs generic components. :wink:


Thank bobc, paulvdh.
I try to follow your suggestions. :frowning_face:

Many of these “Tac” switches internally connect 1&3, 2&4. This makes them very useful for bridging tracks on single layered front panel PCBs. Unfortunately KiCad struggles with internal connections in a part.

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