Swap Ctrl & Shift panning function mouse wheel

For my work I use Altium and DxDesigner and there the Ctrl & Shift panning works opposite of the ways its works in Kicad.

  • Mouse wheel: Zoom in/out
  • Shift+Mouse wheel: Pan up/down
  • Ctrl+Mouse wheel: Pan left/right
  • Mouse wheel: Zoom in/out
  • Shift+Mouse wheel: Pan left/right
  • Ctrl+Mouse wheel: Pan up/down

Is it possible to swap the function?

Do you want to change this in altium or in KiCad?

(Sorry could not resist)
In KiCad you can change Hotkey assignment in:
Eeschema / Preferences / Preferences / Hotkeys

But beware, if you change these settings then the cheatsheet does not work anymore for you:

I want to change it in Kicad. The pan functions with the mouse are not in the Hotkeys list.

Just curious: Have you taken some time to get used to the way the scroll wheel works in KiCad, or have you turned it off immediately in:
Menu / Preferences / Preferences / Common / Pan and Zoom: Center and warp cursor on zoom?

If you leave this enabled and give yourself time to get used to it, you probably (hopefully?) learn to love it and wonder why so few other programs work this way.
It basically puts the whole pan and zoom thing in the scroll-wheel and you will forget that there are other ways to pan/zoom after a short while.

It does take some conscious effort to get used to it though. Whenever I have not used KiCad for half a year or so, I need some time to get used to it again, but because the function works so good I leave it on, and it’s ever faster to get used to it again. Just move the mouse cursor in the direction of an area of interest, and then use the scrollwheel to pan and zoom at the same time. If you just want to pan, then zoom one click in and out (or out and in).

All this panning and zooming is contra productive anyway. Nowadays you can buy monitors with

7680 * 4320 /1e6 = 33.1776 Mega Pixels!

A bit over my budget, and most of these also have much to small pixels to make them very useful for CAD work.
I am seriously considering a 4K monitor with a 108cm diagonal screen size. These start at around EUR650, or even less if you buy a “TV” and re-purpose it as PC monitor. More electronics for less money, the world is nuts.

I believe it is not possible at the moment. You should raise an issue on GitLab and you whish might fulfill.

I use DxDesign (Xpedition) and Altium for may work (very often). I use Kicad for my hobby projects. So getting us is not that easy and it would be very nice to be able (like the Hotkeys) to be able to change them.

The setting you mention I already checked it out.

I currently working with my work setup (2x 24"" (1920x1080) monitors) and still I use panning a lot.

Personally I hate the Mentor mouse scheme. For the time before DxDesigner time Mentor had a classic mouse scheme simulation inherited from ACE-Plus what what was really brilliant. One hand zoom and pan in all directions using a 3 button mouse without wheel. Unfortunately there are no more 3 button mice available and if they have a 3rd button for ring finger it is not at the tip of the ring finger. Same with wheel position. Did not see any ergonomic one even at expensive gamer mice. Btw. the change from classic to todays DxDesigner mouse bothered me a few weeks to switch between both. Later I added Solidworks Allplan and Kicad what was no more hassle but I always need some minutes to switch.

Apreciate the idea of fully configurable mouse and keyboard shortcut schemes for any application as IBM-CUA or MacOS is not always best. This is like an orchestra where conductor swaps wind instruments and strings. Instruments may have highest qualitity and skilled professional musicians with highest dexterity but expected music result is awfull as they cannot use their trained muscle memory.

I use https://www.3dconnexion.eu/cadmouse_pro_wireless/eu/ and I am quite happy with it

Already have the Space Explorer from 3dconnexion in use and it is a nice and expensive toy. Their Cad-Mouse model is about 100 Euro here and I doubt about the position of the button for middle finger. See the photos with some old mice without wheel. Hand and finger position is really relaxed. The tip of middle finger hits exactly its appropriate button position.

Compare with the black mouse. Not a cheap model. It is Turtle Beach Model Grip500 Laser gaming mouse. Driver supports useless user features for customized RGB illumination and blinking rythm but HID enumeration shows bugs for Windows and Linux. Rarely used buttons for thumb are in good position but button for the middle finger is not acceptable. This button is behind the wheel while there is nothing in front at the middle finger tip. If you hold this mouse in your hand, the extra button for middle finger is completely useless and unreachable. Also the build in wheel button is not in position of finger tip and bothers all time when needed. Compare with a piano or organ keyboard what offers typically >5cm depth and always meets the finger tip position.

Nevertheless Kicad is on the right track @craftyjon merge request number !30 to pan with ring fingers right button. In combination with a middle finger zoom button this could bring back some of the mouse comfort of the old Sparcstations optical mice without using any wheel features.


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