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Batik is an image Viewer - I use it for viewing the SVG’s exported from Kicad and wrote a Java App to run it but, that’s not needed as it comes packaged with it’s own stand-alone Apps.

After exporting an SVG/other of the PCB, I run it from my Kicad plugin as a convenience tool.

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Hi, Thanks a lot for the piece of information.
But, how to deal with it ? I’m running windows 7 home 64 bit.
I went to your link, it opens a wikipedia page pointing to a list of (for me !) obscure files.

I use the included SVG Java app and call it in my Java App which is called by my Python plugin in Kicad.

It’s useful for me/my-work but most likely not something others would bother about as there are many Viewers around and calling it from within Kicad is only a geeking thing…

Download Batik (there are links on the referenced site). Or, Google “Batik SVG” Runs on all platforms. Here’s the official link

Google how to make a Simple Kicad Python Plugin and you can, most likely, call the Tools directly from the Python plugin without a Java container… Otherwise, code a Java or Python container…

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