SVG import tips…?

I’m trying to use the new SVG import feature to import my company logo. I have this in EPS and I have Adobe Illustrator to export to SVG and I can possibly do some edits there to fix stuff up, but I’m not sure how to handle this problem I have. So the vector graphics look like this:


When I export it to SVG and import it in pcbnew I get something like this (I’ve scaled the logo/company name differently):

So I have two things I would like to do:

  1. Make strokes thicker for the logo
  2. Fix the o’s. They are interpreted as two closed circles, both being filled:


I don’t see a lot of options on the import side of things, but is there something I can do when I export instead? I don’t have a lot of experience with Illustrator or similar stuff…

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Have you looked at svg2shenzen?

No, I’m on OSX and last time I rage quit Inkscape it seems I also rage uninstalled it :slight_smile:

Maybe need to try again. If it’s only as a workflow pipeline I might manage do use it for a few minutes…

Few hours later:

Took a couple of hours to build Inkscape with macports this time, didn’t remember that from last time:

sudo /opt/local/bin/port install inkscape
sudo /opt/local/bin/port install xorg-server

Installed the plugin, but when trying to use it I get this warning:

The fantastic lxml wrapper for libxml2 is required by and therefore this extension.Please download and install the latest version from, or install it through your package manager by a command like: sudo apt-get install python-lxml

Technical details:
No module named lxml

Trying to install with

sudo /opt/local/bin/port install py27-lxml

But error persists and the plugin doesn’t do anything. I’ll give it a few more hours…


Ah, ok, when installing inkscape I did an s softlink as suggested:

ln -s /opt/local/bin/inkscape /Applications/Inkscape

which is a really bad idea since starting apps from the ui of osx doesn’t retain any paths, for instance the paths that macports installed stuff to. Need to just start it cli:

`> /opt/local/bin/inkscape``

and it worked. Even did an export, so now I just need to understand how that plugin works.

Thx, I’ll report back!

Why so complicated? There is an installer for MAC

i would be interested to hear if you can get this to work - I installed inkscape (via the installer @Rene_Poschl mentioned) but never managed to get svg2shenzen to run - can’t rightly recall the error but remember I spent a while down a rabbit hole.

There is also svg2mod which is a standalone python tool that however needs a inkscape file as input.

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It seems it should be working (from its README)…

Tested on OSX, and Windows and Linux

You could open an issue here

Yeah, I can’t get it to work:

Yeah, weird, I for some reason only found instructions for using macports this time:

Ah, later version…

You might want to add information about your operating system and inkscape versions.

I can export your drawing normally using inkscape 0.92 under Fedora (linux)
gistfile1.kicad_mod (18.6 KB)

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With a bit of fiddling, now got this to launch on macOS. Main thing that hadn’t done is when you unzip the archive for the svg2shenzen, you have to put just the contents of the unzipped directory (NOT simply the unzipped directory itself) into ~/.config/inkscape/extensions/
Obviously didn’t try very hard last time :slight_smile:



you have to put just the contents of the unzipped directory

I did this mistake too, makes us two, lets blame the docs :slight_smile:

So, after successfully having access to the plugin, does it also actually work for you? It doesn’t for me, the output are always empty footproints for my example svg in the gist a few comments up :confused:

I’ve tested on Win and it works too with your file…

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