SVG export does not render User.1 layer in V6

anything I put on the User.1 layer does not seem to appear in the SVG export with User.1 option selected

actually none of the UserX layers export in the SVG, i tired with User1, 2 & 3

That’s worth logging on Gitlab…

Will do that later Jeff

I put up the issue but it was closed on GitLab saying it’s already fixed. But in what version. It still exists in v 6.99 nightlies as of last week.

Well it seem that the father of KiCad fixed it one day ago, in the 6.x branch:

And plase give a link if you refer to an issue, it’s here: Export SVG option in V6 ( and V6.99) does not export UserX layers (User 1 , User 2 etc ) (#10484) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab and I commented there.

der.ule beat me to it above only because I had to search for it…