Surface Mount Combo Footprint

Was the surface mount combo footprint removed from the current KiCad 5 library? This was a footprint with “pyramid” pads such that an SMD component of various sizes (0805, 1210, 2512) could be soldered to the board. Example pic:

This allowed for flexibility in terms of component choice i.e. be able to size up with a larger surface mount capacitor due to voltage requirement changes as an example.

I can easily remake my own but I was wondering if I’m not looking in the right libraries or if it was removed for a specific reason.

I can not even find this in the old libs. Could you give me a pointer as to what lib this included and what the footprint name was?

Hmm… I might have imagined this or had created the footprint previously. My apologies. If I create the footprint, I’ll submit a PR on the repo.

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