Supress template from Gerber generation

From the Items list, I can suppress Worksheet, but in Gerber generation, I can only choose which layer should be used, which seems to have all Items on by default.

Alternatively, how do I change the Worksheet (to an empty one I manage to create) for an existing PCB design?

Can I somehow generate Gerber files with the Worksheet (template) suppressed?

Yes, under the plot window’s General Options, the first option is Plot border and title block. De-select this and the worksheet won’t be merged into your gerber output.

That is:
**Pcbnew / File / Plot /

Thank you!

I’m I the first to ask about this? If it’s the worksheet that’s beeing supressed, would it be more intuitive if it said “Plot border and title block (Worksheet)” instead? Or perhaps just “Plot Worksheet”?

To me worksheet sounds more like non-descriptive jargon (the user doesn’t necessarily know that the borders and the title block are called “worksheet”), but I’m not a native English speaker.

As far as I know nobody should need to plot the worksheet to gerbers and it’s disabled by default. You must have turned it on accidentally or on purpose.

Adding a tooltip would be OK.

At first I thought that covered all possibilities, but that’s not true, aliens could have turned it on. :rofl:

It reminded me of the British detective who pronounced several years ago: “We are working on the basis of two possibilities here - one is that Madeleine is still alive; and the second that she is sadly dead,” he said.

I can’t recall pressing it, but I need to reinstall to verify if it’s on by default or not for me.

Even if it is not default, do everyone but me see the connection between “border and title block” and “Worksheet”?

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