Suitability for IC design - flowing properties to the netlist


In IC design every (almost) component has geometric and value parameters in come combination, in addition to the root part identifier. For example a NMOSFET would have a master (going to topology, which gate ox, digital vs RF vs analog, etc.) and parameters such as W, L, M (# stripes) at minimum. The geometric params need to be symbol parameters editable by the designer, and the values need to flow (perhaps with some modification) to the device line of the SPICE netlist.

I can see that you can add “fields” to a symbol, but I cannot see anywhere a discussion of how those added fields would be handled by SPICE netlisting, or whether at all.

Questions are:

  1. Has anyone here used EESchema as a schematic front end for IC design, the way some people do with XCircuit?

  2. Anyone know of references that discuss constructing the symbols and netlisting scripts such that an “IC normal” design capability results? Or maybe even made the “plugin” to do it, for some technology?