Suggestion towards Hierarchical pins

Good day! Thanks for everything guys! Here is something small to improve KiCad.

We know you have the list of components where you can change the datasheet or other fields for a bulk of components. If possible please make a similar list for the hierarchical pins, divided by IC, so we can change the pins in bulk for an IC from input to passive or other.

There’s the category “Feature Request Chat” which is more proper for end user discussion about feature suggestions. Anyways this forum is for users by users, actual feature requests go to the issue database – in case you didn’t know.

As for the request itself: there’s a property editor under work for pcbnew. It should be possible to implement the same system for eeschema. If I remember correctly it’s the plan. That would solve the problem: select several items, they have common property which you can change.

You could attach a screenshot to make clear what situation you mean. I’m not sure if I understood it correctly. You are talking about “hierarchical pins” which would belong to a hierarchical sheet, not to a specific symbol.

Hierarchical pins are the things that define the interface of a hierarchical subsheet. They don’t typically have anything to do with chips (it is a separate abstraction hierarchy).

My guess is you have mistyped here and mean the pins of a symbol. If so then you might find the pin table in the symbol editor useful.

I already tried that and it’s not very useful, see

Thanks to everyone for the fast replies. I did not knew about the chat, sorry.

As for the rest, no I have not mistyped and I do mean the hierarchical pins connected to an IC. The hierarchical sheet does not matter, despite that there might be pins with the same names in different sheets.

For example:
This IC has a lot of hierarchical pins which are inputs, but I want them to be passive. Is there a menu, which shows a list of hierarchical sheets(as level 1), then the sub menu shows the ICs(level 2), then the sub menu allows me to change them all together(level 3).

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