Suggest: simple (user) library listing/select working library

I see listing library mechanism from Diptrace is simple easy and effective to distinguish between system-build in library and user library. It use separate page. As in picture. Maybe you guys as developer interest to make some minor improve. :yum:

As you can see the user library will use separate page to be easy find/distinguish. Maybe there no need to use new page like Diptrace but to use downward separate with line then only grace by eye then we know “oh here you are my library”

I’ve to thank developer to build this wonderful and free software yet effective. Once I learn from document. Found it not that difficult to understand. Thank to documents team too. :innocent:

especially this section:

[quote]Save a Component

After modification, a component can be saved in the current library, in a new library, or exported to a backup file.

To save the modified component in the current library, click . Please note that the update command only saves the component changes in the local memory. This way, you can make up your mind before you save the library.

To permanently save the component changes to the library file, click which will overwrite the existing library file with the component changes.

If you want to create a new library containing the current component, click . You will be asked to enter a new library name.[/quote]