Subtract drill holes from silkscreen?

Will silkscreen over big drill holes pose a problem when sending off to fab:


I find the option “Subtract soldermask from silkscreen” on the gerber export but nothing for holes…? Am I fine anyways?

And ten seconds later I find the time to open up the gerbers externally, seems I’m definitely fine:

Usually through holes in footprints automatically define mask opening, too, so the checkbox which you mentioned probably did it.

In my experience the silk layer has the worst offset tolerance of all layers when it’s manufactured (cheaply), so keeping it off from mask openings doesn’t necessarily keep it completely off the pads.

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That’s a question for your fab house but I doubt it’s a problem. Depending on the sophistication of their equipment and processes they may do it automatically.

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Which is why the DRC should check for silkscreen spacing from copper, and accept a value for required silkscreen spacing that is independent from other spacing parameters.


V6 roadmap:

Add checks for component, silk screen, and mask clearances.


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