Submitted files - PCB manufacturer asked me to provide a part number for the mounting holes in my schematic.. what?

Yeah so this is fine and all… though i have failed to find a mounting hole part on mouser or digikey… anyone know where to find a mounting hole part number / component? lol is that a thing?

thank you

Tell them they are a proprietary secret part that you will install yourself so they should just leave the hole in the board?

hahah… so im not crazy in thinking that a mounting hole was just a hole they drilled lol. right? holes dont have part numbers?.. 3mm hole is 3mm hole

Maybe you accidentally included it in the BoM?

oh yes, definitely included it in that file. they were schematic symbols so it mustve translated to an item on BOM… figured this would be common sense stuff… first timer here though so not surprised.

thank you

Why would you include a hole in the BoM? It’s not a part they affix, it’s created by a drill.

because first time. also mounting holes in the schemtic was an option. why would it be there. so i should have the mounting holes in the schematic but not the BOM, yeah?

Well if you are willing to ship them some negative cylindrical volume to add to the board…

i will ship them a box where therein resides the holes I desire. mounting holes to be mounted.

How much do holes sell for these days?

the hole costs about the same as the donut

Depends; b-holes go for regular prices but you get a-holes for free :slight_smile:

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I don’t know the going rate for holes but a crafty diy person could buy a gift of nothing and cut a whole bunch of holes out of it. Gotta be resourceful these days.

This is one of the best holes I’ve seen yet:

Hahaha, that’s a very clever work of the short film maker. :+1:

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