Struggling with schematic wiring

I am new to using KiCAD v5 released but am experienced with other pcbCAD programs. I’m using Win10 OS.

I am struggling with some peculiarities in laying out and deleting schematic wires. I’m running into cases where I cannot seem to select a wire. In the snapshot below I am trying to straighten out the wire VCCIO (left side of the drawing). When I right click on the on the box at the left end of the wire I do not get any menu items about moving, dragging, or deleting this wire. Instead, I get the right-click drop-down menu shown on the right. There are other similar times when I want to drag or delete a wire that I cannot get functions no matter where I click on the wire. I can do a selection box around the wire and then delete it, however.

Am I missing some concept here and don’t understand this or what? Thanks for any help or clues on making this easier.

Zoom in and place the cursor exactly on the square on the left.

First hit escape a few times to make sure you are out of any sub selections and try again. Have you altered your grid settings at all?

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Ahh yes. I’m finding that some of these wires are off grid. Maybe that is the key. So, do not change grid once a schematic has been started?

Yes, don’t change the grid once a schematic has been started. But also, you should probably really stick to the default 50 mil grid. The libraries have pins located on a 100 mil grid, so if you change your grid to something that doesn’t divide 100 evenly, you won’t be able to use the standard symbols. This is a very common problem that comes up on the forum a lot.


Thanks all. The grid setting was the problem. When changing grid the schematic may look like it is connected, but is really not. Don’t change the grid!


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