Strange Zone and Keepout Behaviour


I am using KiCAD 5.1.8 on Windows. The copper shape around a keepout zone looks really strange, why is that happening:

It’s hard to say from a static screenshot.
You can try moving parts around a bit.
It’s possible that you have different things on that location, and moving some of them makes it easier to identify the others.

What does it look like if you (temporarily) make the keepout zone bigger?

Did you re-generate the zone outlines with b after editing the keepout zone?

the only thing that solved this issue is to delete the keepout zone and create it again. I will watch out for the actions that cause this issue, seems this is a bug, honestly I am no longer a beginner in KiCAD.

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I contracted as a network engineer at Fedex once and was joking with someone that I don’t make mistakes. Cosmic rays flip bits. I don’t remember exact numbers here but he said they were having problems with their Denver location and Cisco recommended putting 8 feet of dirt on the roof. So, yeah. If it’s repeatable then raise a flag.

I get your point, no body is perfect or immune to errors.

I am a network/system engineer as well, and had my share of Cisco, Brocade, Ruckus, IBM, Fujitsu-Siemens, Linux, Windows, and Veeam flipped bits :wink: you name it, the list is long for this thread :smiley:

After investigating this issue, apparently it is repeatable. Redrawing the keepout zone works OK. But as soon as I close the layout, open it again, this issue appears immediately.

Steps to repeat the issue:

  1. create the keepout, press B, No problem
  2. Close layout, reopen it, issue appears
  3. Changing copper zone from solid to thermal relief, the issue appears immediately, no need to close/reopen the layout

Note: The option for the copper zone has to be thermal relief, the issue doesn’t appear on solid copper zone.

Actually, this is not a blocking issue for me because I can delete the zone, recreate it and generate the Gerbers, however, this is a bug. As long it appears for thermal relief option, and not for the solid, then there is sth wrong.

Something like that is hard to deduce from a screenshot and 2 lines of text.

I tried to reproduce your “problem” and the screenshot below is the closes I’ve got. The shape looks very much like yours and it looks perfectly normal to me.
The keepout area is so small that you still see a part of the circle of the thermal relief and the thermal spokes.

If you’re still having a problem, then can you strip (a copy of) the PCB of all distracting components and post it here?

But, isn’t keepout an exception for thermal relief and should be treated in a different way?

Also, why does the issue doesn’t appear once the keepout is drawn, and once you E the copper zone doint nothing, and pressing OK, the issue appears immediately.

I am not willing to post any files in public, plz PM me I will send you the files.

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