Strange: trying to edit footprint after copying to personal module

I am trying to use the jumper footprint “SolderJumper-2_P1.3mm_Open_RoundedPad1.0x1.5mm.kicad_mod”

When on the board there were duplicate pins on top of each other. So I decided to copy it to a personal library and try to edit it and see what was going on.
After copying it I shut down Kicad completely, opened it up and tried to edit the footprint.

Issue 1) I could not select the front (or rear) copper layers.

What I thought was a pad gave strange results in the clarify selection box (see attached).

Not sure where to go from here. I guess I could start from scratch but these results are bothersome.

Any thoughts?


I just opened “SolderJumper-2_P1.3mm_Open_RoundedPad1.0x1.5mm” by pressing “o” in Pcbnew for adding a footprint and then pasted your text in the search box.
The component I got from the default library only has 2 pads and looks like the screenshot below.

Note the mouse cursor near the left margin.
With that button you can toggle to view the pads in outline mode. This makes it much easier to spot pad in pad errors, and how tracks are routed under or into pads.

What KiCad version are you using, and what libraries?
I am using KiCad V5.0.2 and the default libraries that come with it (Installed by apt).

Below antoher screenshot of the Library browser.
Do your solder jumpers look much like mine?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using V5.0.2-1 (I think the latest) However my library is from the V5 Rc era. I will update my libs and see if anything changes.


UPDATE I copied this footprint from the current V5 library (from website). The problem has gone away. Apparently the new footprint uses different pad construction. Much more elegant.

The original footprints (pre version 5) needed to be made by overlapping pads as version 4 had no support for custom pads.

Rene, thank you.

I also discovered footprints in general do not allow one to select the copper layers as active. It seems all pads and such are done with menu and numeric inputs.


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