Strange behaviour with ERC and power symbols V6 release

I just copied in a schematic from a V5.Xx version

Simple 7803 regulator circuit. I use the +3V3 power symbol to connect the various net together.

But on my ATTINY when I placed this 3V3 symbol and connected to the Vdd I get an erc error , input pin has no output , ( not the exact )

This usually crops up where an input power pin has no obvious input power source

But. A 3v3 power symbol actually get used in both cases ie marking the output of the regulator and elsewhere in the schematic the input to various other nets

I fixed it by placing a power flag. It it’s not great

This erc didn’t appear in V5

KiCad V6 does a lot more ERC then KiCad V5, so it’s not surprising you see some extra ERC violations pop up.

KiCad V6 also has an option to set the severity of all ERC types in Eeschema / file / schematic Setup / Electrical Rules / Violation Severity, and you also can suppress individual ERC messages, by first running ERC and then right clicking on individual messages (These exclusions get their own list, and they can be un-excluded later if you wish so).

A long wish of mine is to have an ability to treat things like fuses, filter inductors and chokes, netties and jumpers as a “short circuit” for ERC purposes. There has been some talk about this on gitlab (quite some time ago) but I have not kept up with this as an “official” feature request.

Thanks for that I can suppress the violation that way or use pwr_flags