Stm32wb10cc footprints. how where?

Hi, this is my first pbc, please help.

I need the title footprints and symbols. can some one tell me how to get them? I’ve read I can use the qtm, but have serched for that and are very different. can some one help me choose or get the ones I need. Thanks.

To get started:
• Specific Details of Devices depends on what you want to do with them, example:

  • Simulations need electrical details
  • 3D Footprints need only Geometry and 3D-Model if Graphic is important
  • Schematic symbol needs, well, again, depends on what you want to do with it…

Googling this part reveals the Specification which details it all.

Kicad Footrpints includes an LFQ footprint - perhaps reasonably suitable (spec shows UFQ) but, you decide…

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