STL to Step Model for KiCad 8

Can anyone here turn a STL into a KiCad Step model ?
I have tried and it is confusing and or not correct instructions.
Need this Parallax Flip controller STL turn into a Step Please.

Search Google for “STL to STEP Converter” brings up several online based tools.

FreeCAD can read stl format and convert it to step.

Well, one can obviously make a faceted model as a STEP file. But I am pretty sure that not many people using Mechanical CAD applications would actually consider that to be OK.

So to put this in context: Its a bit like opening a gerber in gerberviewer and exporting that to the PCB editor saving it as a kicad_pcb file. Well yeah thank you so much now i have to reverse engineer it all myself.

Yes, STL is closer to WRL than STEP in concept