Stitching image files together


Hi everybody,
maybe my question will be an offtopic so i apologize, but i want to ask, if everybody knows how to do or even if there is an existing software solution to stitch together scanned images of multilayer pcb? The problem is that becasue of scanner imperfecion etc. every image is slightly deformed, so if i overlay the files the vias/holes are not on correct positions. I do it everytime manually by deforming and transforming the image with graphic manipulation software, but i would know if there is an automated solution to do it quicker.


I assume you are looking for something cheap or open source. This question comes up occasionally, but I have not seen a good answer except for use a CAD tool that can overlay the image as a background and trace over it.

Out of curiosity, I did a google and quickly came up with It seems they have a complete solution for reverse engineering PCBs - I guess it is not cheap.


Have you looked at hugin? It generally works well (although has some GUI quirks). I suspect it could do what you are asking.


Interesting idea, Hugin should be ideal as it deals with lens geometry errors.


Seth_h, i think this is what i looked for. Thanks. I am working now on a really large PCB reversing, so the error counts up with more points, but this should work. I will test it today and write my results.


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