StepUp scripts not working

I guess this is mainly aimed at you Maurice.

I have got StepUp mostly running. I want to generate the rest of the STEP files using the scripts in the folder “C:\temp\kicad-3d-models-in-freecad-master\cadquery\FCAD_script_generator”

Inside the PDF called FC-script-generator-starter-Guide.pdf it has instructions to do this, and I notice that it has a requirement for “CadQuery module”. Following the link I get the download and extract the zip file to;

Now if I run the script;
“C:\Program Files\FreeCAD 0.15\bin\freecad.exe” all

I get a nice pop up box that says

So how do I let it know where it is,so the error will go away and generate the parametric models?

Hi @midworld08
I’m upgrading the scripts toward cadquery 0.3.0 and probably gullwings is the one in the middle of the reworking … I’m going to fix it asap and I will let you know…
For the moment there are some already generated models here (resistors, caps, soic, qfp)

Moreover you need to follow CadQuery instructions to install CadQuery Module in FreeCad

I’m fixing some 3D model generator after recent merging…
now are working:

  • smd resistors
  • smd chip capacitors
  • radial capacitors
  • tantalum capacitors
  • dip ICs
  • pin headers
  • box headers
  • jst connectors
    I need to fix qfn and gull wings models and then move most of them to the new VRML exporter…
    at the moment CadQuery version 0.3.0 is the reference for building the models

Note: kicad StepUp is working fine :slight_smile:, only model creator scripts are in reworking phase…

you can download the working version of 3D models generation for CadQuery version 0.2.0 from here

the road for cq 030 is still under development

now the main branch of FreeCAD 3D models script generator is updated and works correctly with cadquery 0.3.0
(to do: update all scripts to generate VRML as per the new exporter, add to db previously added models)
just download it at

please @midworld08 confirm that everything is fine for you

I got most of the models I needed from the pre done step files you provided. That got 1 pcb done.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to test this for a month as I am on holiday heading off into remote outback Oz. Hopefully somebody else can confirm for you.

My much appreciated for what you have done so far.

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