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I finally moving forward with a project that will have great use of StepUp !
Trying to import a new edge to existing layout in pcbnew I got the message


yes I previously had an edge into that project but deleted it (manually), saved the file, when back to FC and got the same message…

either I need to understand how to properly & completely remove an edge from an existing KiCAD project or I’m missing something.

also would it be possible to create an ‘edge footprint library’ ?
so once I have all my edges I could simply import it to a new project into kicad directly ?


See Export/import "outer edge" into an "edge-library"

It might just be that stepup assumes that an existing project has an already existing edge cut. Maybe @maui can help out here.

A workaround might be to import the pcb into freecad first, overwrite the generated sketch with your own and push that. (You might need to add something to the edge cut layer for this to work)

it seems there is something left in the file…
As @Rene_Poschl highlighted:

The best option to push-pull your edge is placing a ‘grid origin’ in pcbnew and configure the StepUp WB to use ‘grid origin’

please have a look at ‘footprint Edge template’

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