Stepup: Error viewing footprint with pads having custom orientation [solved]

Hi All,

I am creating a footprint with a rounded rectangular through-hole pad with the following properties.

I am trying to see the footprint in FreeCAD using the StepUp tool. However, when opening the footprint file, I see that the top view of the pad renders correctly, whereas the bottom view renders 180 deg rotated as shown below:

I have also observed that the issue is not present when selecting standard orientation angles from the drop-down menu.

Can someone please point out the issue here? Thanks for reading.


Please add the word StepUp to the subject line because this is probably not a KiCad problem per se.

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@maui do you already know about this?

I will test it later on.

@ashare would you mind to load a footprint with this issue (zipped) here at the forum and open an issue @ StepUp repo?

It might be easier to upload the footprint to the github issue. (To upload stuff to the forum would require the user to be at the second trust level.

Hi @ashare
would you please update StepUp WB and test the new release?
It should be fixed now.


@maui Thank you for the fix and this wonderful tool!


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