Step file problems V8.0.2

I have a complex board outline which is causing step file output problems.
3D view

Solidworks and the online viewers show

I have tried enabling and disabling: Optimize STEP file
Board outline chaining tolerance: tight and loose - no difference

Spring.step (47.6 KB)

Step file output seems fine for more conventional board shapes.

May be fixed in 8.0 testing (soon 8.0.3), but not possible to check without the pcb file.

Usually it’s an issue when arcs don’t connect to line segments or other arcs exactly (with 1 nm resolution)

Thanks for getting back
Here’s a simple outline that fails

Here are the project files
StepFileProblems2.ZIP (715.7 KB)


I can repeat this on 8.0.2 on Ubuntu 24.04
On Windows 11 with the latest Testing 8.0.2_167, the second hole is correctly shown, so I believe this bug is fixed.

If that helps - the project from the ZIP file imports correctly in FreeCAD via KiCADStepUp workbench showing both holes.


Seems ok in

Application: KiCad PCB Editor x64 on x64

Version: 8.0.3-rc1, release build