Step File of a PCB to KiCad

Hello all.

I got a Step file of a PCB from a supplier and instead of recreating it in KiCad I thought about just import the .stp file.

Is this possible, if yes how?

Thanks for your help.

What is your endgoal? Do you want to edit the pcb you got as a step file or do you want to add it as a submodule? The former is not possible the later is.

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I want to edit it and place components on it.

if you mean to say that you got the PCB outline as STEP file, this is possible using @maui great STEP UP tools, where you can extract the outline of the PCB and import it in KiCAD. If you mean that you have a PCB model with components and you want to import that somehow in KiCAD, that is not possible.

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