STEP export problem, board outline

Hi All,

I finally got the symbol and footprints to work. Running 5.0.2

I now have an issue with trying to export a .stp file and I get a no board outline report. I had imported a DXF but it didn’t work and it was on the dwgs.User layer as well. So I changed to the edge.cuts layer and traced the outline with multiple line clicks around the arcs and such then double clicked at the end…still not able to export step. I did create a board outline but it looks like even the “Add a graphics line tool” are all single unattached lines forming the board outline. ???

Any thoughts here.


Try replacing your outline with something simple like a square. The tolerance of segment aligment for STEP export is extremely low (even lower than for pcbnew to complain about a non-closed contour).

Also try lowering your outline thickness to better see if it’s non-continous.

The error message tells you exactly where the outline is non-continuous. Zoom in there and make sure the endpoints are coincident.

I see the coordinates in the error report but I see no indication on-screen of any non-connected lines or gaps after running export.

I can double click on each segment and grab each line end but it is not connected to the next segment. Is that correct?

If you have Solidwork you can try my pcbfab2solidwork VB macro. Then solidwork will point out each errors for you.

Zoom in. Then, click on one segment and the other. You should see that the endpoints are not the same at that point.

You may fine the useful:

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