Stencil from multiple Layouts

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I would like to bring multiple layouts into one f.paste file, so I can use the available 290*190mm of the stencil more efficiently. Is there an easy way to do that?
In KiCAD 4 there was a possibility to import a layout into a pcb_new file, but I can’t find this option in KiCAD 5. Do you have any suggestions?

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In v5 you can copy and paste from another pcb file. When you have a project opened you can open another project if you start another kicad instance, or perhaps standalone pcbnew. Select and use the context menu “Copy”. You can paste it to the other pcb. An old bug seems to persist, namely you have to first paste to the original pcb where you copied from, only after that you can paste to another board file.


Thank you eelik!

That was exactly what I was looking for. I tried the copy/past thing in exact this way, but I did not know that you have to past it in the original file first. Weird bug…


I tried again and it worked with one extra paste to the same file, no need to go back to the original. The first paste doesn’t succeed anyways. I’ll report this as a bug.

EDIT: unselecting the copied selection is enough. Here’s the report:


It wasn’t really a bug (although a usability problem). See the issue comments.


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