Stencil Aperture Editor

Tell me there is a task to edit the apertures of the gerber file stencil in kicad 7 there are no such functions. Now I use cam350 but it is very heavy for such functions. The task is to remove macros and change the shape of the hole to note, let’s say from the oval to a rectangle. Tell us who uses what and what are the options for these tasks? I looked towards gerbv but there the maximum is a complete removal of the site and macros can only be viewed without the possibility of deletion. As I understand it, I need a non-complex cam gerber editor to edit the shape of apertures and delete macros.

KiCad does not have Gerber editing capabilities, and there are also no plans for it. And because KiCad has no Gerber editing capabilities at all, changes will have to be made in the footprints.

Solder stencil is generated from pads, and you can add a (positive or negative) offset to the outline.
It is also possible to disable the solder stencil layer for pads and then create an “aperture pad” on top of it, and this aperture pad can have a different shape.

But also, the question arises why you want to do this in the first place. If a PCB manufacturer does not handle macro’s in gerber files, maybe you should threaten them to go to another manufacturer that does keep up with standards.

As for the holes, oval holes (or at least rounded corners) are considered better because it is simply impossible to ma make sharp inner corners, and a defined radius will be more consistent. Solder paste also has a tendency to stick more in sharper corners, and this reduces process reliability.

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For experienced batches of devices, I make stencils myself and my equipment is not very good at treating non-straight apertures. I would like to avoid editing boards and dwell only on the gerber cam editor. Not much clarification I do not need to move the site but the task is only to change the shape to noticing The second thing that sometimes happens is the complete absence of the file of the PCB and the presence of only gerber

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