Stdole2.tlb access denied?

I started installing KiCad and this error dialog appeared:


How can I fix this?

That error is not related to KiCad. Where did you download the installer from, and which file/version? What else did you do?

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The Global server is where I downloaded from. After it was downloaded, I started the install process. After several minutes, the error displayed. Nothing else.

You are correct. Apparently KiCad installed and I’m able to run it. No idea what the system error is about. Thanks for your reply.

I don’t know what PCB artist is but it’s not part of kicad.

It seems to be an EDA application tied to a manufacturer.

KiCad has absolutely nothing to do with it. Also, KiCad doesn’t touch any Windows files, the installer strictly installs (or uninstalls) files under one folder which is dedicated to KiCad. By default it’s under Program Files in its own subfolder.


Thanks for pointing this out. I made the mistake of assuming that it was a KiCad error, when it was an uninstall error for PCB Artist. I need to pay attention to things more closely. Thanks eelik.

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