Start from scratch with V5.1.5

I installed the latest version (5.1.5) over a previous version (4?) , and then uninstalled version 5.1.5
Can I now reinstall 5.1.5 to give me a working outline library, or are there some other files or registry keys I need to delete first?
Many thanks

Has a look through the FAQ section - specifically this link but there are several other topics that would be worth your time reading too.

Thanks John.
I’ve been through a lot this without luck. I think my old v4 installation may have been non-standard. I’m coming back to KiCad - which I never really used, from using Eagle for many years, and I don’t really need to preserve any my old KiCad library files so I just want to start again from scratch.


In that case you could just remove your old KiCad config directory (location is OS dependent, see the linked FAQ) and then install 5.1.5.

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Do you mean you have read through the FAQ article and tried to do as it says? If yes and you still don’t succeed, you should describe more accurately what have you done successfully and where you are stuck at. We can’t go through all possible details, repeating the existing instructions. Actually I’m not even sure if you have any problem at all - you just asked “Can I now reinstall?” The answer is “yes”. Of course you can try. But if you have a problem, tell exactly what it is.


Thanks for your patience.
Using Win 10 (updated) on a desktop.
I have removed my KiCad config directory which in Win10 was C:Users/User/AppData/Roaming/KiCad
I have uninstalled V 5.1 and searched my HDD for anything ‘KiCad’ and deleted that too. I have KiCad
keys in my registry but I have not deleted them (there’s quite a few).
I have just re-installed KiCad.
FreeCad remains installed from previously.
Everything now OK (I think!)

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