Standard schematic library differences between Windows & Linux

Has anyone else noticed that there appears to be a difference between the standard schematic libraries between Windows and Linux?

Example: the standard ‘r’ component (resistor) found in the ‘device’ library has a different size between the two platforms. This means that if I try to open up a project which was created on Linux in Windows, the connections for all my resistors are broken. There are other important components which suffer this problem as well.

Comments welcome!

It all depends on who did the packaging and when.

If you only use the official libraries available on github, there should be no difference whatsoever.

The library differences I’m talking about happen when I install Kicad on Linux via js-reynaud’s PPA, and Kicad on Windows via the current new stable release. I guess there must be some differences in the libraries between them; I presume the difference is in the build provided by the js-reynaud PPA. I’ll have to see if I can confirm that.

Good point about the official libraries on github. I was trying to decide if I should copy the Windows library over to my Linux system or vice-versa. Now I think I’ll just use the official library on github for both.