Spice : Stres analysis, or Smoke Analysis

Anyone know if exist planed future like a Stres Analysis in Kicad

The tool could be made in the same way as in the PSpice from Orcad, tere exist in Adwanced Analysis, like a Smoke Analysis:

Beter explnation in youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-wHKCOmrcE&t=4s

There is a description in the help file about this :https://www.ecadtools.com.au/documents/PSpice%2017.2%20Advanced%20Analysis%20User%20Guide%20(pspaugca).pdf

PSpice 17.2 Advanced Analysis User Guide (pspaugca).pdf (2.7 MB)

We could use the same smoke parameters as in PSpice, to be compatible: