Spice hierarchical netlisting plus vs 5.99 & 6 - IC design

Hi Friends,

Please pardon me if this is not the correct place to pose my questions.

  1. According to the Eeschema manual,

"There are two types of hierarchy that can exist simultaneously: the first one has just been evoked and is of general use. The second consists in creating symbols in the library that appear like traditional symbols in the schematic, but which actually correspond to a schematic which describes their internal structure.

This second type is used to develop integrated circuits, because in this case you have to use function libraries in the schematic you are drawing.

Eeschema currently doesn’t treat this second case."

I am interested in the second case. Will this be addressed in version 6?

  1. Is it possible to invoke the kicad spice netlister outside of kicad?

As a work around I am thinking of writing a tool to scan the .sch files for existence of symbols with “spice simulation” attribute. I would then extract the symbol name and netlist the corresponding schematic by calling the spice netlister if possible. For instance, the spice netlister in Mentor DxDesigner was a separate *.exe that could be invoked from the command line.

I would then put the .subckt wrapper around the spice text and add it to a text lib … or something like that.

  1. It seems spice netlisting a hierarchical schematic gives a flat netlist whereas a hierarchical spice netlist would be favorable for IC design methodology. Will this be available in version 6?

  2. I just tried the v5.99 build and it seems the netlisting function is not present. Any idea when this might show up again?

Finally, just want to say thanks to the Kicad team. I feel it is close to being able to perform as a schematic front end to an IC design flow. Right now I am using DxDesigner as the schematic point tool. It would be very cool to replace that with KiCad.


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