Spectra .dsn export - resolution

I am exporting to an autorouter using .dsn files.
It works well but for various reasons I would like to improve the resolution of the output.
At the moment the units appears to be in microns (by inspection of the .dsn file).
Microns are very good but Kicad uses 1nm for internal resolution.
I would like to get better than 1 micron resolution for the transfer via dsn.
Maybe the dsn file cannot handle this?
I realise that normal PCB fab equipment has inaccuracies and other issues but I have specific reasons for asking for this.
Suggestions for improving the resolution sought.

I could feasibly edit the .dsn file but I don’t know the format.
Does anyone have a pointer to the specification?

Did a web search and found this thread with a pointer to a spec doc. Good luck.

Thank you.
I should also have added that inspection of the dsn file exported from Kicad shows that the data are integers.

Probably there’s a dimension unit declaration somewhere in the file.

I’m curious what application you have where µm isn’t sufficient.

I wish I could elaborate…
Incidentally, Topor does a good job with 1 layer, though sometimes I have to help it.

So their blurb says. I suppose a manufacturer producing thousands of single sided phenolic PCBs for alarm clocks could amortise the licencing to achieve that.

Or someone trying to route 352 routes on a piece of amorphous material 20mm sq with one layer requiring great accuracy.
Just saying… :wink:

I’m sure you give their dev department a lot of feedback. :grinning:

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