Specify copper pour clearance per netclass

Hey people,

i am designing a board that contains several differential microstrip pairs. Now they need some clearance from the surrounding ground plane, but when setting their net class clearance to the value i want i’ll run
into trouble with the drc, because it will alarm me about clearance issues at the point where i terminate
these pairs into the ic.

Is there a way to set net clearance and net clearance from copper pour seperately?
Would much appreciate your help!


Yes, “custom rules”. It’s in the board settings, there’s some help available there including basic examples, and of course in the official documentation (PCB Editor). Forum search should give plenty of hits.

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Hey eelik,

thanks, i tried this rule and it worked

(version 1)
(rule “ClearanceForDiffMStripTop”
(constraint clearance (min 0.3mm))
(condition “(A.NetClass == ‘DIFF_MSTRIP_100_TOP’) && (B.Type == ‘zone’)”)

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