Special Forum Section/s for Newbies or/and Experts?

My intial thoughts were to have a special forum section just for Experts; but then it became obvoius that figuring out who is an expert might be difficult to quantify.

On the flip side, an individual with a low post count on the forum, could be an actual Expert in the field of EDA but not KiCad specifically.

KiCad, being FOSS, is available to literaly anyone/everyone with a computer. Posts come up that make it appear that the OP either just came from Fritzing or has downgraded to KiCad stable.

I get enjoyment in providing replies to OP Topics where it seems to be clear the type of advice that is being asked.

Anyone have suggestions?

I like the topics and tags, but I’m not sure what value we’re getting out of them. A “noob” area might make posting less daunting.

A “noob to EDA” would be a good idea.

I’ve read comments like “I’m not game to post on that forum” from obviously “new to electronics” people on other sites.
I suppose if victims post on a beginners section, forum members might be “more tolerant” towards them. :grin:

Make noobs take a small multiple choice quiz before they are allowed to post. Here are my contributions for questions:

THT is

  • a programming language
  • a banned insecticide
  • the active ingredient in cannabis
  • none of the above

FR4 stands for:

  • Freon refrigerant 4
  • French Channel 4
  • Frame Rate 4
  • None of the above