Specctra export component_id error, was Missing timestamp (solved)

Hi all,

I am trying to import a Specctra file but am getting this error:

PARSE_ERROR: Expecting ‘component_id’ in input/source
line 115
offset 14
from /Users/jenkins/remoteroot/workspace/KiCadBuildMac4/kicad/common/dsnlexer.cpp : Expecting() : line 369
BOARD may be corrupted, do not save it.
Fix problem and try again.

From reading around here, it seems that I may have a timestamp issue, and looking into this more, my schematic components have timestamps, but the netlist file shows that the Root page is missing a timestamp. Is this necessary? How do I go about fixing it?


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Problem solved- the issue was actually that the component IDs have certain criteria. One of my terminal blocks was called “+1”.

Specctra export is understandably fussy about annotation.
Nothing to do with timestamping, so I changed the thread title