Sparkfun logic level converter symbol has pins in wrong place?

Hi Folks,
the ‘BOB-12009’ sparkfun logic level converter symbol has pins in wrong place?
for example, the LV and HV are at the top of the symbol, whereas the real chip has these in the middle, surrounded by other pins. does it matter?

Symbol only? Footprint is what matters.

okay - thanks very much. good to know. if the footprint is funky I’ll ask about that.

Symbols are generally drawn so that they’re easy to use and clear in a schematic. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the pins are placed in the same order as the actual part.

What matters is that the footprint pads are placed in the right place, and the symbol pin numbers match up correctly with the footprint pad numbers.

Picture an opamp – these are generally drawn as a triangle, and the pins are placed for ease of drawing inverting or noninverting amplifiers. The most common opamp packages are regrettably not organized for ease of routing :frowning:

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appreciate the explanation. one of my circuits has an opamp - cross that bridge when I get to it. :confused:

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