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I am looking for library symbols, footprints etc for common 0.25"- and 0.188" - wide push-on connectors.

These are such common hardware, I can’t imagine these are not in the library… but I cannot find them. Any hints?

And, as a more general question:
Has anybody thought of publishing a spreadsheet or some other database / lookup which might help with looking up library symbols? Many of these are listed by brand name, but also have versions which are blandly generic or are available as 100% interchangeable versions from other manufacturers.


Could you provide a part number?


Digikey part number A100452TR-ND (TE Connectivity mfr no. 1217861-1)…as an example. There’s a link from Digikey to SnapEDA for this part’s symbol and footprint, but my inquiry regards whether these types of terminals are already in the KiCAD library (…hidden under another part number / name)


@von_Whimhurst There are any number of Escheema library Symbols that you could use; or you could even create your own.

With as simple as this part is, I suggest you create your own footprint and start your own personal library collection.


The official kicad lib does not provide specialized symbols for such connectors. The idea is that you use the generic connector symbol and simply select the connector footprint you want.
Right now we have about 4700 different connector footprints in the official lib. providing and maintaining a fully specified symbol for each of them is not feasible with the resources we have. (Especially as the symbols would look exactly the same only the symbol name and the assigned footprint would be different.)


The OP adds to the complexity with this single physical part. I doubt that it will be a SINGLE pin in the design. What are the clearance requirements for the mating connector/s?


Hello, thanks for replying. I completely understand that there’s an enormous variety of components out there. I wasn’t suggesting that the KiCad team should try to expand the “basic” library available from GitHub. I was merely asking whether the type of connectors I was looking for are already there, under a file-name that was (to me, anyway) obscure.
I tried searching using the TE Connectivity part number but no luck.
I’ve been able to download a connector symbol and a footprint using SnapEDA (to which I am a newbie).
As there wasn’t a 3d model associated with that SnapEDA download, I created my own using Solidworks and saved it as a *.wrl file (and my issues with that process are the subject of another Forum question / reply)
Thanks again

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