SOT23-6 or Umax-8 (MAX4644)

I have the choice of components for a SM switch: SOT23-6 or Umax-8 (MAX4644)

I’m trying to figure out which is the best way to go.

First are the PINs on the Umax larger with bigger gaps, possibly 0.8mm?

Are there schematic footprints in the library? If so where?

Cheers, Camerart.

you’re after footprints and/or schematic symbols?

why don’t you use the search feature in both eeschma and pcbnew to find those things first?

Best to go to the source to find out physical dimensions; trusting a PCB program’s footprint library is hazardous at best. The choice of which to use is yours.

Here’s are links to Maxim’s package information:

Packaging page

SOT-23-6 package

8 μMAX package

Hi J and R,
I failed to find the particular sch so I edited an existing one. The package dimensions posted show, I chose the correct one to edit… SOT-23-6

I found the PCB footprint ok, and placed on my board.

Thanks, C.

uMax 8 is uSOP8 and in Kicad is labelled MSOP-8_3x3mm_Pitch0.65m

Hi E,
If I’m correct the SO-23 has wider PIN pitch so this is what I went for, thanks.

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