SOT1205 in Kicad


I need to create this footprint for a Dual Mosfet.

There are several areas for welding, it is enough just to create the area, 'solder land plus solder paste" ?


You’ll want to create the solder land polygons on the F.Cu copper layer.

You only need the solder paste deposit areas (which is actually the hatched area) if you’re going to make a solder paste stencil for assembling the board. If you do want that then create those polygons on the F.paste layer.

Thanks for your reply I had not read yet.

By the time I did so:

Do you think that works?


The 3D model seems to fit.

nice to see them in action… btw, I made a dual SO-8 Powerpack, but didn’t expect anyone to use the models as a check for correct size of the footprints from underneath (doh!), thus I omitted it when I exported the step models.
Anyhow, here you go, the SO8 PP dual is included now:

Thanks Joan,

I have used a few 3d Packages, others are of the smisioto library and Kicad.

I use FreeCAD, but my knowledge in CAD are very poor.

If you want I could list some components of the package I have not found any 3D and perhaps you might be interested to do.


I can always have a look, so sure… drop the list, no worries.

It would be maybe useful to put on

to share with others :smile:


Can somebody please share this footprint, the repo is apparently dead.

thank you

This should be in the main library as an infineon footprint