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windows 10 installation…
Resorted to installing kicad 4 after an abortive attempt at using 5 (no footprints in netlest file???). Old installation in c:\oldKicad (deleted), new installation in c:\Kicad. New Kicad installation has ‘oldKicad’ embedded in it’s path config so not seeing libraries. Have not been able to fix this so far, no option to change setting in app (ala 5), cant find a .pro file with this text, cant find anything in …appdata… that has this text, KICAD_CONFIG_HOME no joy. Do I need to start scouring registry for this rogue config?.

Hmm, I would not go back to v4, but I think v4/v5 stored config in C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\kicad

Visited appdata looking for oldkicad, no joy. Perhaps somebody can give me a specific file reference. 5 does look slick but with the bug in per the version I downloaded a couple of days ago, the app is effectively crippled. Amazed it was released in the state I found it. But thanks for your reply. Steve.

If the reason for using v4 is that something in v5 didn’t work, it’s better to solve the problem in v5. The recommended workflow in v5.1 is to use internal Update PCB from Schematic, not the external netlist export/import. Footprints work well, so there probably was some configuration problem in your v5.1 installation. With the same amount of work you would get v5.1 working.

Somewhere on the forum I read the problem has already been reported. It’s a bug!

There are some versions of 5.1 kicad (… 5.1.6, 5.1.7, 5.1.8 and the newest 5.1.9) I have been using them all except 5.1.9 in windows, minor quirks pop up here and there, but what you mention, is major anyway, you don’t need to go back that far, one or two minor version should more than enough

Thanks for the info, much appreciated, I’ll have a look. To explain my interest in k4, I came across an o.s. project that came with a full set of kicad files. This turned out to be k4, I wasn’t to know that, hence my tortured route to 4 via 5. (Aso a couple of good tutorials I found were done in 4 hence the ongoing interest in k4). Thanks again.

Using kicad 4 is like going back to windows XP at this point. 5.1 is so much better. And it opens designs from v4.
It’s hard to piece together what your issue is with v5 from the first post. Can you explain more clearly what you did and where you got stuck?
I don’t know why are you looking for KICAD_CONFIG_HOME in v4. I’m not sure that version even had the variable.

It didn’t. ----------

Apologies people. Problem was idiot user at keyboard. Thanks for all the responses.
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