SOP-8 footprint (solved)


I’m having a very hard time using cvpcb. I’m trying to assign a SOP-8 footprint to a component but for the life of me can’t find it. There is MSOP, PSOP, QSOP, SSOP, TSSOP but no freaking SOP. Am I just stupid or are SOP footprints really missing?


I always create my own footprints.

Most of times, I found the footprints from the libraries are not exactly same as to the one specified in part data sheets that I was using, so I ended up with creating my own.

The first time creating a footprint was a bit overwhelming to me, but after a few of doing it, it is just not too hard to me,

Besides, creating your own footprints gets you the benefits of accurate matching of parts and footprints.

I think SOP-8 is the same as SOIC-8? (Housings_SOIC)

Ahh, ok. Thanks!
Maybe it would be a good idea to add an alias for that.

SOP and SOIP footprints are definitely not the same. They are different sizes. There are also DIP and TSOP packages. All different sizes.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows DIP and TSSOP are different. It’s not worth resurrecting an old thread to say that. There is no such thing as “SOIP” package either.

I suspect rjj100 is a spammer, but maybe they are just misguided.

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