Some strange tool issues with 5.1.5-3 in Schematic

Version: (5.1.5)-3, release build on WIn10 / 64 Pro

I just started a new project so I updated from 5.1.3 to the 5.1.5-3. I didn’t uninstall the old version and I didn’t change the libraries.

Issue 1) Sometimes when I use the right hand “place symbol” Icon it only creates a “pencil” cursor instead of the Pencil and cross cursor. And it doesn’t do anything when I right click. However the “place Symbol” at the top (horizontal) ribbon does work. I noticed it a few times when I was editing a library symbol then returning to Edschema it tents to occur more often.

Issue 2) Trying to mirror a component about the Y axis doesn’t always work. And sometimes when it does work the components jumps down screen about maybe 5X the component height.

Are these known? Should I uninstall, clean up any remnants and reinstall? I know the time for bug fixes has past for this version but any insight will put my mind at ease.


5.1.5-3 had some bugs. I don’t know how many, but 2 of them disturbed my work so I loaded the pre 5.1.6 and found both of them are already fixed. Then I found one not important bug in that version and reported it. It was fixed in about 4 hours.
I don’t know about problems you see, but currently - just before 5.1.6 release the best you should do is to install pre 5.1.6 and if you notice that bugs also there and know how to describe the way to reproduce it you should report a bug. If you can’t give that way you should also report a bug giving as much information as you can.
But I think there are no good reason to report a bug of 5.1.5 without checking it with pre 5.1.6.

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Yeah, the easiest for now is to try the latest build from

And you did the right thing, you should not need to uninstall the old in this case. Just install on top should be ok.

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