Some silk screen items not making it to gerbers

Version 6.0.0-rc1-dev-1521 on Windows 10

So I’m noticing a couple of text items I’ve added that are on the F.SilkS layer but they don’t make it to the gerber. You can see the two items circled on the left don’t make it to the right.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Did you enable values to be included in the plot dialog?

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Weird. I did not have “Plot footprint values” checked before. When it is checked, those numbers do show up so do a lot of other lines that I guess are part of the footprints which I would prefer not to have.

I do now realize that those values are part of the footprint instead of added text. I guess I can turn that option back off and add the text that I do want manually.

Thanks for your help!

Just for your information, if you need to do the same in the future (not so far, I hope) with KiCad 5.1. There’s the new powerful Edit -> Edit Text & Graphics Properties dialog where you can select all values in the Silk layer and change their visibility in one go. Then you can individually turn on the visibility of those values which you want from the Properties dialog of each value item.


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