Some pads in the same net class won't connect with the pour

I’m trying to create a copper pour around a certain set of pads where the net class is BATT-. As you can see the SMD pads are connected to the fill but the through-hole pads are not. How do I resolve this?

Most probably those pads of the footprint(s) have different setting for zone connection. You can set it for the fooptrint or for the pad, in the properties.


Do you get the ratsnest that connect your BATT- TH pad with other BATT- pads?

I do get rats nest connectivity between the pads and it still does not work. I think @eelik was correct in suggesting that it may have been properties within the pad. I was using these single pads from a library created by someone else. Since these were just single pads, I created a new footprint and replaced all the old ones. It is working now.

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