Some Pad types questions?

KiCad 5.1.2.
Till now I was sure - if circular pad’s size is less or equal to its hole size it is NPTH - no other setting needed.
But I just noticed that mounting holes are defined as haveing type ‘NPTH, Mechanical’.
OK. I have nothing against being more clear in definition but I would suppose that when selecting NPTH I would be no able to set separatelly Size X and Hole size X (I am considering only Circular pads now).
So if I set type to NPTH and Size X to 5mm and hole size X to 3mm - what I get from KiCad point of view?

I just don’t understand what for is type NPTH added if right size settings seems to be enough to define that pad is NPTH.
Isn’t it a bug that setting type to NPTH not grays (blocks) Pad Size setting?

Looking at this NPTH I noticed that changing type to NPTH grays the setting of “Pad to die length”.
What this parameter is used for?
Is it to estimate the internal connection parasitic inductance in Spice simulation?
Is it used when tuning the Differential Pair Length if IC internal connections not equals?

What is Pad type: Connector? I supposed that may be it is defined for placeing pads that are to connect other pads and be used in NetTies, but looked into NetTies definitions and they are not used there.

Not all others are probably fully clear for me, but left it for future.

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