Some nets are not named in schematic


Most is said in the title. I would like to make a filled plane for ground, and if I recall correctly, lat time I did it, I had to choose GND in the filled zone tool.
Now today, I have made a small 4-layer PCB. The fill zone panel doesn’t show vcc (5V), no GND, it shows only the nets that I have explitely named. If I have a power symbol, for 5V or GND, I think it was automatically named in the past. Did something change? Do I have to explicitely name them, or is there some setting for that?


Do you have a GND power symbol or GND label in your schematic? If not, add one.


Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I do. I have +5V and GND, and until now, I didn’t have anything special to do in order to
automatically get a GND pr VCC net.
I just tried to add a tag (see picture), and this time I got the +5V net listed.

Any idea of what can go wrong with my power symbols?


Don’t see any picture.

But KiCad doesn’t know that the long wire at the bottom of the schematic is the GND net. You have to attach a GND symbol or a GND label to it, or it will just get a name based on what’s connected to it. Nearly everybody uses the GND symbol at least once so they have a GND net already.

But if you did attach a GND symbol, another possibility is you took a different symbol and renamed it to GND and used that. That only works if you rename the pin inside it too.


Thanks for your reply. Sorry for the picture, I took it and forgot to attach it.

Anyway I don’t use “long wire at the bottom of the schematic”. I usually put a GND symbol everywhere
it’s needed, and I rely a lot on labels which make the schematic easier, at least more understandable
to me. A you can see, both of my op amps have GND and +5V symbols. And on th eboard, the
power of C1 is not connected. Which means that the symbol dose not give its name to the attached net.

Thanks for any hint.

Addendum: I noticed that IC1’s 5V is not tied to IC2’s 5V.

It’s impossible to tell from just a picture. You can select in turn the wires and the symbols to see their properties at the bottom of the screen, and also in a properties dialog if needed, to see things like what net they are on, what the electrical type of the pin is and so forth. So you can debug this yourself.

For example here I’ve selected a ground wire.


And the bottom of the screen tells me:



Thanks for your reply. And sorry for the delay.
I almost forgot to report that I found the problem.
I pointed a line connected to GND like you did, and it was a more
complicated name, (I don’t remember exactly but in the above picture,
something like “IC1C pin 4 GND”, not plain “GND” in your case.

I updated the libraries and now it’s fixed. I don’t understand why, but
it works.

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