Some 3d models missing with new project in 5.1.2

I have checked the previous topics on this but didn’t see anything specific to my situation, in that I haven’t had a previous version of KiCad installed and the project is brand new in 5.1.2. Running under Kubuntu latest OS.

So first question, should every footprint in the standard lib contain a corresponding 3d model?

I am missing many (perhaps all) 3d models for the TerminalBlock connectors.


Every footprint must be setup to accept one in the default path but only a small number actually have a 3d model file. See the library convention (point 1)

No. It is not mandatory.

Some footprints have the 3D field filled with a path pointing to a non-existent 3D model.
This is a default path for 3d models that are not yet in the library but likely to be in the future.

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Ok, thank you.

Case closed. :smile:

You can fairly easily check if a 3D model is available in the stock install by looking at

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Great, thanks for the tip.

Quite a few old wrl 3D models have been removed as they were at the wrong scale

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We might have removed them even if they where the right scale as the current lib focuses on ecad to mcad integration and wrl is useless for this.

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You can use these:


Excellent, thanks. :smile:

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